Bihar Man Forced to Stand Despite Confirmed Ticket in Odisha Train: Stood at Gate For 2 Hours

Stories of overwhelming crowds on Indian Railways are currently a popular topic of complaint on the internet. From individuals without tickets filling up both the second and even first AC coaches of trains, the situation doesn’t seem to be improving. Adding to this, a man from Bihar recently shared his experience of being compelled to stand for the entire journey on an Odisha-bound train, despite having a confirmed ticket in hand. In the post that has now gone viral, Abhas Kumar Shrivastava posted a picture depicting a train coach packed with people. Even the corridor of the train is obstructed by passengers, leaving little room to move. Expressing frustration, the passenger remarked, “Reserved a seat 4 days prior and got a confirmed ticket. It was only after somehow entering the train I realised I couldn’t even reach my seat number 64.” The ordeal didn’t end there; he went on to share how, after an hour of struggle, he managed to reach his seat only to find a pregnant lady occupying it. He shared, “So just left and stood at the gate for two hours.” The post gained widespread attention, drawing various comments. While some pointed out discrepancies in his explanation, suggesting that his coach resembled more of a general coach and lacked proper tickets for passengers, Shrivastava clarified that he had booked a ticket in the second seater or 2S class, a non-AC class coach commonly found in daytime Intercity and Janshatabdi trains. He wrote, “Apparently people are confusing the coach with the general one. Intercity trains here in odisha for some reason have these kinds of coach now a days.” Several commenters even highlighted that, based on the layout in his picture, it seemed Shrivastava had unintentionally boarded the wrong coach, sharing screenshots to illustrate the seating arrangement of the train he had booked. Despite the challenges to his account, Shrivastava remained steadfast in his claim. Not to miss that amidst the discussions in the comment section, some also praised Shrivastava for standing by his decision to let the pregnant lady occupy his seat entirely.


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